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Privacy Policy and Legal Disclaimer

Privacy and disclaimer policy and payment & return Policy information

This policy is effective January 1, 2016 and will remain effective with updates to policy as needed.

All payments for monthly classes is due the first week of each month. Payment for individual classes and workshops is due on the day the class. If you are scheduled for a class and do not show up or reschedule in advance, you will still be charged for that class.

** Payment for workshops is due the workshop is booked and confirmed as supplies are purchased with your attendance in class in mind.

*In this policy, ‘we’ refers to Ravencroft Graphics and Fine Art® and all its subdivisions and will be updated as needed:

Ravencroft Graphics and Fine Art®

Ravencroft Graphics 3D® 

RavencroftGraphics Gaming® 

Ravencroft Graphics and Fine Art® Culinary Division

Ravencroft Graphics and Fine Art® English Language Division

Ravencroft Graphics and Fine Art® Publishing Division

Ravencroft Graphics and Fine Art® Literary Division

Ravencroft Graphics and Fine Art® Computer Arts and Design Division 

Ravencroft Graphics and Fine Art® Illustrations Division

Ravencroft Graphics and Fine Art® Candles, Soaps, and Papers Division

Ravencroft Graphics and Fine Art® Advertising Division

Ravencroft Graphics and Fine Art® Audio/visual Division (including DVD’s, CD’s, and downloadable AudioBooks

Ravencroft Graphics and Fine Art® Community Outreach Division which is known as Ravencroft Foundation® 

*In this policy, ‘you’ refers to you the customer, student, or consumer.

What we will do:

We will provide feedback and assistance as needed.

We will update on policy provisions as needed.

We will notify you of any information security breaches if needed.

We will keep your personal and financial information used through purchase secure.

We will update you on current events through email and text messaging depending on your choice of delivery.

We will respond to all issues and inquiries within 24 hours.

We will provide accurate quotes on services and any delays if there are any.

We will respond appropriately to any issues regarding returns, refunds, discounts and sales.

What we will NOT do:

1. We will NEVER sell your information to a third party. ALL contact information is kept in-house for our own marketing and to be able to contact you will new events, items and general communication.

2. We will NEVER share ANY financial information from you or about you to anyone or any other company.

3. We will not contact you unsolicited. If you sign up or request to receive emails, or are a past customer, then you are automatically opted into the subscriber system. If you wish to be removed, email us directly and ask to be removed.

Cancellations and Withdrawals

If you choose to stop coming to classes, and are gone for more than 6 months from the school, your file will be closed and you will be marked as 'withdrawn'. You may choose to come back to class at any time, but you will be considered a new student and will need to fill out an updated registration form and the current rates for classes in effect at that time will apply.

There may be times where you have scheduled a class and need to reschedule to a different time or

date. We will do our best to accommodate your requests but as we have other students, classes and

workshops as well, this may not always be possible. If you need to cancel a class, please do so at least an hour in advance. If you fail to attend a scheduled class, and do not call to cancel beforehand, you will still be charged for that class as that time was reserved for you and we had no option to fill that time slot.

If you need a statement for tax purposes, monthly or year end, please notify us a few days before it is needed and provide a valid email address where a PDF form of the statement can be emailed to you.

A copy of this is policy has been on our website since 2016 and is now provided to all current students and new incoming students as of 2017 and onward.

Any issues or questions, contact us directly at ravencroftgraphics.japan@gmail.com


In regards to original artwork, illustrations and writing, as these are all original artistic sources, we reserve all copyrights to them. There is a non-refundable clause due to the nature or original artworks as well, we cannot accept returns on commissioned art or work or paintings. We will work with you on any digital illustrations but after completion, it is considered a ‘final sale’. All artwork, photographs, crafts, illustrations are ‘final sales’. Books are only accepted as return if in the same new condition as when they were sold to you and only if they were bought directly through us and not through a bookstore or 3rd party seller. We DO offer gift certificates for sale, these are sent out through the postal mail system after purchased. Complete receiver and sender information is needed, and the information needs to be accurate due to this. For artwork and books, there are additional shipping charges due to size and (for artwork) special shipping circumstances. We will notify you of all shipping and additional charges, if any, prior to shipping so you can make a final decision on your purchase.

On our stand alone secure web store here we use both PayPal and a secure credit card processing system. We do not accept credit card numbers or bank account information at this time AT OUR LOCATION. Please use the Paypal® system to process your payments or visit our stand alone web store noted above. NO credit card or account information is kept on file by us. We can and do accept cash payments, but it is not recommended that you ever

send cash through the postal service.

We use a variety of mailing and shipping companies. As we are mainly based in Japan but can ship anywhere, we use Japan Post for mail and packages, EMS for overseas mail and package shipping as well as Yamato, Sagawa, and FedEx.