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New Science Based Classes!!!

Fun with Chemistry!


* Coming in JUNE 2019!

An exciting new science program for children ages 8 to 15 featuring hands on experiments as well as a separate interactive and fun VR (virtual reality) based class program! The goals are to get kids interest in science by making it fun and interesting.

There will be a 'Fun With Biology!' and a 'Fun With Earth Science!' program beginning late summer as well so stay tuned for that too!

Fun with Robotics!


* Coming in August 2019!

Another new exciting science for children ages 8 to 15 program featuring hands on robotics experiments where they will learn basic robotics, the fundamentals of everyday physics in action and structure stability. The goals are to get kids interest in science by making it fun and interesting.

Fun With Biology!


* Coming in August 2019!

A future new and exciting science for children ages 8 to 15 program featuring hands on biology experiments where they will learn basic biology, cell structures, and a ton of other good stuff, the fundamentals of everyday animal and plant biology in action. The goals are to get kids interest in science by making it fun and interesting.

A little Bit About Why We Exist

How we got started

How did we get started? That's an interesting question with an answer many years in the making.

The short version was that we were tired of seeing people not helping other people or giving nontraditional

people chances at getting a job or training. We are especially interested in empowering women with education, training, and skill building so they can become the great leaders they are meant to be.

One of the things that brought us to where we are now is the desire to help people achieve their own goals, and we feel that in order to do that, you need to first graduate for high school. Seeing potential

go to waste because someone couldn't go to or graduate from high school for whatever reason, to us is not good 'life' business.

So,we decided to try and change that and do something to help people go back and finish high school or the equivalent of, and then job and skill training to enable them to become more, do more and go

further in life.

Our classes, events and products go to support this program division.

What we aim to do

We want to help people. Pure and simple, like human beings should.

To do this, we plan on implementing classes to teach life and job skills, provide a place to go to talk to

someone if you are overwhelmed and stressed, and a safe place for kids to go if they find themselves in a bad, unsafe or dangerous situation.

We plan on assisting those who haven't completed at least a high school education so that they can graduate with their high school diploma or the equivalent of.

We also will do community outreach in the form of new parent education and safety, family intervention and assistance for in trouble or at risk families as well as counseling for addiction issues.

These are our goals, and how we do it, how we accomplish this, will be:

Through innovative and creative ideas.

Through education, training and caring.

Through listening, helping and guiding.

That is the reason we exist, and why our Ravencroft Foundation Division has been created.

Our classes, events and products go to support this program division.

Our Goals


Giving youth of today a second chance at life.

Influencing Today’s Youth and Promoting Education, Skill Building and Training, Support, Intervention and Counseling Services.

Promoting women in computer sciences and empowering them.

A place where young adults struggling with addiction, sexual exploitation, abuse, homelessness, and those who have fallen onto the fringes and found themselves in trouble with the law, in gangs or without job prospects due to not having completed JR and SR level high school can come to feel safe, receive help and assistance and a fresh new start, a 2nd chance, at a fulfilling and healthy life.


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