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'Just Create' Creative challenge # 1 has officially begun!

Creativity Challenge #1

Week of September 1st to 8th, 2018

Welcome everyone to the FIRST EVER ‘Just Create’ Creative challenge!

This event is a weekly thing, to see what your imagination holds and what you can create from it. 

These challenges are open to EVERYONE, whether you are a traditional artist, work in 3D, Maya, Blender, DAZ, Poser, Carrara, Photoshop or some other program, you are welcome to submit your art for the challenge!

This challenge is for ALL art levels, all I ask is that you keep it clean, respect copyright laws and other people. 

Work will be submitted through our live chat and streaming channel in the Discord app. 

So, visit the channel by using this link: 


The live streams and “Just Create” Challenge submissions will be featured on our YouTube page below:


Weekly challenge for the week of September 1st through September 8th, 2018. Please review the rules under the 


description on the top. I will give you 3 words, and you will create something, in whatever format you choose to use, utilizing those 3 words. This week, your 3 words are: 


Use your imagination to create your own interpretation, and submit 1, or a few, pictures of your creation in the


section by September 8th. Happy creating!

Visit the website often for more information for more special events and we look forward to hearing from you and seeing what you create!

How to make ARTisanal natural bar soap CLASS SERIES

I was asked to run a series of workshops on making bar soap.  This class will run for about 3 hours, drinks will be provided.  We hope you can join us! There is room for 2 students in this class. 

The class is a few hours because of the soapmaking process and instruction, but you get to take home your soaps to use. If you are interested in joining this, let me know.

For the bar soap, it's all natural so you can make whatever kind you want. This class will need a *confirmed* 1 to 2 students to hold this class as the materials, especially the catalyst- caustic soda, is expensive to buy. 

If you have an interest in this class, please let me know via private message as soon as possible. This is a long class, a few hours, as making soap, while fun, takes a while as there are specific steps you have to do things in. 

You will also get to take your soap home afterwards, which can be used in about 3 weeks to 1 month after 'curing'. 

I will explain more in the private message to you. Again, this is a confirmed attendance class, due to costs of materials and the type of class. Please be aware of this. 

As a reminder, we are located in Hojo, not too far away from jr station Yanagihara.

Things to include in your message:
1. Your name and number of people as well as your contact information such as email and cell #.
2. The dates you are free and open to join the class (Please give me more than one, on varied days of the week if possible. Remember this is a few hour class)

The cost of each class per person will be 7000  ¥ .

Receive 15% off your first month!

Receive 15% off your first month when you register for monthly classes! 

Check out our list of available classes and join one today! 

We have classes for age 3 all the way up to adults in Art, English, Cooking, Candle making, Soap crafting and much more!

Classes are available from 10 am up until 8 pm Monday through Friday .

Saturday and Sunday are typically reserved for special events and classes, such as our soap crafting series about to begin in May. 

It is possible to schedule a private English, Art, Cooking or a Candle making class on the weekends but it has to be done in advance.

Please also visit our ''student price list" and ''event price list'' pages for more information and also our ''privacy policy'' page for more information. 

Our ''calendar'' page also lists great information on group classes and other events we have scheduled. 

Take a look and see if you would like to join in on a group class. 

Drop us a line and ''contact us'' through our contact us page to find out more information or to ask us questions.

We love talking to new people!

Other places you can find us!