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How to make ARTisanal natural bar soap with discount opportunities!!!

How to make ARTisanal natural bar soap with discount opportunities!!!

How to make ARTisanal natural bar soap with discount opportunities!!!


Registration for my natural soap making classes is open. Sign up early before slots fill up!   

There are currently no prescheduled dates and times for classes. If you wish to schedule a class, contact us directly through our 'contact us' page.

1-4 students per class ok.  



If you have a different date you would like to have a class, contact me. If it is something you are interested in, let me know.

Each class is a few hours because of the soap making process and instruction, but you get to take home your soaps to use. The new process I have been working on cuts down the curing time so you can use your soaps sooner than in a traditional process, within about 2 weeks.

This class will need a *confirmed* 1 student to hold this class.

If you have an interest in this class, please let me know via private message as soon as possible. 

As a reminder, we are located in Hojo, not too far away from Jr station Yanagihara.

Things to include in your message: 1. Your name and number of people as well as your contact information such as email and cell #.

2. The dates you are free and open to join the class (Please give me more than one, on varied days of the week if possible. Remember this is a few hour class)

The cost of each class per person will be 7000 ¥ .   

When we have this class, protective equipment needs to be worn such as a face mask, the type worn when spray painting or using chemicals, goggles, thick rubber gloves and an apron to protect yourself (you need to bring an apron you want to use and the rubber gloves, I have face masks and goggles if needed). I also will require you to wear long pants, a long sleeved shirt and closed toe shoes for this same reason. 

Go to the ''contact us'' page to send us an email and the registration form can also be found online as well and emailed to us.

Receive 15% off your first month!

How to make ARTisanal natural bar soap with discount opportunities!!!

How to make ARTisanal natural bar soap with discount opportunities!!!


Receive 15% off your first month when you register for monthly classes! 

Check out our list of available classes and join one today! 

We have classes for age 3 all the way up to adults in Art, English, Cooking, Candle making, Soap crafting and much more!

Classes are available from 10 am up until 8 pm Monday through Friday .

Saturday and Sunday are typically reserved for special events and classes, such as our soap crafting series. 

It is possible to schedule a private English, Art, Cooking or a Candle making class on the weekends but it has to be done in advance.

Please also visit our ''student price list" and ''event price list'' pages for more information and also our ''privacy policy'' page for more information. 

Our ''calendar'' page also lists great information on group classes and other events we have scheduled. 

Take a look and see if you would like to join in on a group class. 

Drop us a line and ''contact us'' through our contact us page to find out more information or to ask us questions.

We love talking to new people!


Exciting News!

*PAST EVENT 2019: G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan 2019! What's Happening????

*PAST EVENT 2019: 

G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan 2019!What's Happening???? 

  • I will be having interviews with a crew from the Discovery Channel on December 17th and 18th this month for a piece they are producing in preparation for the G20 Summit that’s being held here in 2019! 
  • I will be sitting down with producer Jin Nakamura and Nicholas Takeyama to discuss my thoughts, opinions, ideas and concerns regarding Japanese work practices and more. 
  • It is an amazing chance to shine a spotlight on how different Western culture is to the culture here in East Asia.

What will we be talking about?

  • As both a foreigner AND a business owner working and living in Japan, what are my thoughts on some of the hot ticket issues currently facing Japan and its workforce. Japan has a very different style than most western countries when it comes to many issues facing workers, especially women and parents who have young children.

What Issues will we be discussing?

  • What do I think of the concept of ‘lifetime employment as it currently is in Japan? Pro’s? Con’s?
  • What do I think about seniority and how it is viewed/used/or abused in companies and businesses in Japan? 
  • What do I think of ‘work/life balance’ in general?Is it necessary? How I see it in use Japan. Is there proper ‘work/life balance’ or is there an ‘imbalance? How is it ‘imbalanced’ and is that an issue in my opinion?
  • What types of things do I value, in connection to ‘work/life balance’, and in the workplace in general? 
  • Are there things I think should be changed or implemented in todays business and companies in Japan? Improvements? Things that should/should not be done in workplaces?
  • Are there any differences between the typical Japanese person and myself, both generally and in regards to work?
  • What are some of those differences and how do they impact me in my own work and business?

How and when can you view the interviews?

  • When I know the schedule when it will released and shown, I’ll let you all know!
  • If I am lucky Enough to obtain a copy of it before the Summit, I will be sure to post it up for everyone to see!
  • To be updated on all future events and such, Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel (link on bottom of page).
  • As always, you can follow up on the website for more information as well, 

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