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Our Crew Members

Elizabeth McLean, President and CEO, artist, writer, publisher and Instructor


Liz does a lot of things, from remodeling her home to painting wall murals, and everything in between (but she will tell you she absolutely does not iron!). Most important though, is that she started this company on her own, in a foreign country and has made it work.

Chief artist, instructor and owner of Ravencroft Graphics and Fine Art, Elizabeth has been creating art, and cooking great food for over 30 years and has taught medical and scuba classes for over 10 years. Over the years, she has worked with oils on canvas, watercolors, pottery, sculpture and photography and created many new, different and unusual dishes for her family... 

The hardest part she says is remembering what she did and writing it down as she rarely follows instructions (except with cheeses!)!


Currently she does digital graphics, illustrations and games for education,  utilizing cutting edge technology. 

Her goal is to create a space where creativity is the governing body and the artists the outlets to great art.  

She developed the culinary division in response to many people asking for her to teach them international dishes. 

Part of her goals includes giving new local and distant artists a place to develop and showcase their talent. She also opened an English school after many requests.  

Elizabeth holds a BS degree in law enforcement, a degree in forensics as well as a MS in emergency management. She has been in the fire and emergency medical service field for over 15 years as both practitioner and instructor. she is also a rescue diver and divemaster with PADI.   

Edward McLean, Vice President, Artist and Instructor


Edward McLean is a talented artist and he is also studying to become a professional chef within the next 2 years.

Also originally from the USA, he has lived in Japan since 2014 and currently attends school here in Japan as well.

He enjoys cooking and trying out new food and spice combination and often shadows his mom, Elizabeth, in the kitchen learning how to make new dishes.

His favorite food types are Thai, Italian, German, French and Japanese and he hopes to specialize in Italian for his chefs license as he has a dream of one day opening his one restaurant.

 He will eventually be in charge of the culinary education division as that department's director in the Ravencroft Foundation division. 

Currently, he works a few hours a week at a local community center helping youth with their English skills as well as part time at an Italian restaurant while attending culinary school. He will graduate in 2019.

He enjoys sketching, especially fantasy art, music, reading, playing online on X-Box and anime in his free time. Currently he is focused on character design for manga and anime.

Writing and Publishing Department


Check back here soon for more information on our new writing and publishing members! 

They will be building out our line of education, culinary and novel books. 

They will be in charge of welcoming and mentoring new young authors who are just starting out in the field of writing. Exciting times are coming!

This department will be responsible for recieving, reviewing, editing and publishing both our in-house books for education, our own original works , novels and manga as well as accepting new work from up and coming new writers.  

The goal is to give as many new writers and writer/artists  a chance to become published authors and to give them a way and place to share their ideas with the world as a whole.

We don't think 'age' should be a determining factor or who you know as a driving force to breaking into the world of the written word, we wholly believe in talent, which knows no age or physical bounds.

To this end, if you aspire to become a writer, have works you want to have reviewed and published, or are a new manga writer/artist, we'd love to hear from you and see your work!

Contact us today!

Computer and Game Programming Division


Check back here soon for more information on our new computer technologies members! 

They will be building our educational games and some fun ones too as well as developing and teaching our ESL computer courses.

They will also be spearheading our 'women in technology and game programming' project!

They will be in charge of welcoming new and young programmers and mentoring them and helping them grow into the field.

Exciting times are coming!

Audio and Visual Division


Check back here soon for more information on our new c audio/visual members! 

They will be helping to build our educational games and some fun ones too by creating the audio/visual aspects as well as developing and teaching new students.

They will also be helping to spearhead our 'women in technology and game programming' project!

They will be in charge of welcoming new and young audio/visual creators and design artists interested in advertising and mentoring them and helping them grow into the field.

They will also be involved in the Company's advertising department.

Exciting times are coming!

Document Translation Department


Check back here soon for more information on our new translation department members! 

They will be working alongside authors and instructors on our line of education, culinary and novel books as well as creating bilingual teaching materials for students of all ages and taking care of our professional document translation department.


They will be in charge of welcoming and mentoring new young authors who are just starting out in the field of writing as well as mentoring those looking to get into translation as a career. 

Exciting times are coming!

Computer Arts and Sciences Division


This division will be in charge of computer education in c++, c#, Maya, Adobe suite of products, Carrara, Hexagon, DAZ3D, Z-Brush, Blender, Chief Architect software, Motion Artist, Anime Studio, Autodesk Sketchbook, Unity Game Engine, Audacity, 3ds Max, Mudboxand, Motionbuilder, Autodesk Fusion 360many more programs. 

This division will also be responsible for game program and technology education, game and program creation as well other targeted projects.

It will also be in charge of creating, producing and publishing/releasing our own original works as well.

Sales and Marketing Division


This division will only have a 'training component for our staff, who will be our connections to the community.

Their job is to make our brand, programs and goals know to our immediate community as well as expanded districts (including international).

They will be in charge of getting our products out into the world, in stores, on bookshelves and into communities.

Manga and Anime/Animation Division


This division will focus on a 2-pronged approach: Education and coaching and then editing and publishing.

Our goal is to give new artists, or those looking to learn, a chance to develop their own original work.

We also want to give those who are ready to be published, but have not been able to get their work accepted, a chance to become published artists writers.

If you have something you want to publish, let us know.

If you have an idea and need coaching and review, let us know.

3D Asset Design Art Team


In this division, there will be both an educational and commercial component.

Here we will teach how to create 2D and 3D art and items where they can then be sold.

We also with have a section where you can learn how to work in a CAD based system creating 3D art, items, characters in different forms and formats which can be used in DAZ3D, Unity, Poser and other programs, even for animation.

Digital art is an exciting thing to get into, which challenges you to use your mind for both its imagination as well as technical prowess. 

Let your imagination run wild and create!

School and Community Liaison Department


This division will be our link between us, our 'continueing education' students completing high school or vocational school and yhe community.

Through here we will strive to build partnerships for apprenticeships, on-job training and experience and job placement after the program.

Will will look to work closely with community leaders, local businesses and school to help create new and brighter futures for the youth we hope to help.

This division will also serve as the liaison for us when working with the justice system and juvenile justice system for the 'fresh start programs.

*Special Architecture and Architectural Engineering Division*


This division is really a pet project for Elizabeth. 

She has always loved drafting and design and has spent countless hours over the years drawing house/commercial design plans in her free time. 

She loves it! So, her goal is to get all her designs in one place, converted digitally and then compiled, with a goal towards publication.

There is no actual education component to this division, but she welcomes collaboration on future projects!

Culinary Division


We love food. We love sharing what we know about it and helping people learn new ways of cooking, and teaching about exotic foods (and some not so exotic) to expand your knowledge of international foods, spices and more.

We offer culinary classes on an 'on demand' schedule. What this means is that there is no set time or day schedule for these classes, you can schedule the class for when it is convenient to you and when we have an open time slot.

Contact us today to schedule a class! Whether you are brand new to cooking or a seasoned cook yourself, come learn something new and have fun in the kitchen!

These classes are best with 2 to 4 people, especially if its a group of friends!

English Education


We believe that it isn't enough to just teach from a book, so we encourage our students by actively engaging them through oral speaking, creative writing and much more.

We have students as young as 3 years old and teach elementary/jr high/sr high school students and adults. 

We make classes fun and education and also strive to introduce new information and expand our students knowledge of the world. We have beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert level classes and tailor our classes to each individual student. 

Our monthly classes feature 1 60-minute class per week.

Join a class today!

Fine Art Division


In our art classes, we think of art as not just creation but also as a means of relaxation and as an exercise to help you focus and channel you energy.

We introduce many different types of art techniques, styles and mediums and encourage the use of your imagination while learning about form, color, proportion and many other points.

Each class is 90-minutes long, and our monthly plan offers on class per week.

Contact us today to register for a class!

We believe EVERYONE is an artist, you just need to find your style. 

Let us help you on your journey!

Homemade Crafts


We offer, throughout the year, workshops on how to make everyday personal care items and creams naturally, without the chemicals and preservatives found in store-bought products.

When you take a class learning how to create them you get to take home the products you make (built into the class price for supplies).

Some items (ARTisanal bath bombs, bath fizzies, soaps, lip balms),we sell independent of any classes, so check our page on homemade crafts often for updated lists.

3D Digital Products


We create products, characters, objects and poses for DAZ3D and the Unity Game Engine which can be found on various online 3D stores such as Hivewire, Renderosity, DAZ3D, Unity, among others.

How do we do this?

We use a variety of software based on CAD and engineering technology to create our many different products.

Upon request, we also teach 3D graphic art design and occasionally offer computer classes for basic learners and in the use of 3D software technology.

Soon we will have a 'Computer Arts and Sciences education division that will offer and expanded listing of classes regularly so check back often for progress updates!

Handmade Candles


We make handmade candles, ranging from poured and molded column candles in a variety of shapes, floating candles, jar candles, and hand-dipped tapers for different occasions. 

We also create pillar candles for wiccan and spiritual activities upon special order.

Candle making is a great way to learn the art of patience, and having patience is indeed an art in today's fast paced lifestyles.

We offer candle making classes seasonally (we are in a tropical zone so we cannot heat and use hot wax in the summer or hot weather due to heat exhaustion possibilities) so look for classes in spring, fall and winter months.

Contributing Members

Ai Hamana: Contributing English-Japanese translator


She was born in Uwajima, Ehime and earned a degree of A. A. at Kansai Junior College of Foreign Languages in Osaka.

Ai is an experienced importation/export coordinator for machinery at several American and Dutch companies based in Tokyo about 17 years. Recently, she relocated back to the Matsuyama area from Tokyo with her family in 2016. 

Now she has her own business as a life organizer (personal organizer in English) and is a consultant for efficient self-study methods for English with the technique as an organizer and her personal working experiences in various global environments. 

Other places you can find us!